Bangkok street food

ฺ   Bangkok street food. 
When you are in Bangkok, the food choices are unlimited. You have so many options that it is almost impossible to choose.


The people of Thailand are fond of sweet, savory, herbal flavors, and many dishes include fish, pork and coconut milk – common ingredients in the central Thai plains. Because of the region’s proximity to the Gulf of Thailand, central Thai eateries, particularly those in Bangkok, also serve a wide variety of seafood, A classic central Thai dish worth seeking out is Yam blah dùk foo, fried shredded catfish, chili and peanuts served with a sweet/tart mango dressing.

Yam blah dùk foo


Immigrants from southern China have been influencing Thai cuisine for centuries, and it was most likely Chinese laborers and vendors who introduced the work and several varieties of noodle dishes to Thailand.  Perhaps the most common Thai-Chinese dish in Bangkok is ฺฺBà•mèe, wheat and-egg noodles typically served with slices of barbecued pork.


Muslims are thought to have first visited Thailand during the late 14th century. Along with the Quran, they brought with them a meat- and dried-spice-based cuisine from their homelands in India and the Middle East. Nearly 700 years later, the impact of this culinary commerce can still be felt in Bangkok. While some Islamic world-influenced dishes such as roh•dee, a fried bread similar to the Indian paratha, have changed little, if at all, others such as Gang mát•sà•màn, known sometimes as ‘Muslim curry’, are a unique blend of Thai and Indian/Middle Eastern cooking styles and ingredients.

      Gang mát•sà•màn

Bangkok’s Dining
During the last couple of decades, Thai food has become internationally famous, and Bangkok is, not surprisingly, the best place in the world to eat it.  Bangkok is home to its own unique cuisine, and because of its position as a cultural and literal crossroads, just about every regional Thai cuisine is available in the city as well.
Where to Eat & Drink in Bangkok.
Prepared food is available just about everywhere in Bangkok, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the locals do much of their eating outside the home. In this regard, as a visitor, you’ll fit right in.
Open-air markets and food stalls are among the most popular dining spots for Thais. In the morning, stalls selling coffee and Chinese-style doughnuts spring up along busy commuter corridors. We have only discussed some of the food options in Bangkok. Bangkok is a huge city with tons of street food options, some call it the ” the World’s Food Innovation Hub” Therefore, keep your eyes and nose open, you should find some delicious street food in Bangkok.

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