Bangkok travel guide Bangkok tour guide things you should know before traveling

   Bangkok travel guide – Bangkok tour guide
Things you should know before the journey
Thailand is a beautiful country.  A big chunk of Thailand’s revenues is obtained from the tourism industry, making Thailand, the tourism hub of the far-east.

What if you live in a different country and would want to take a vacation in Thailand? For sure, it won’t be as easy as going for a walk in a park, roam around, and get off the place after. There are guidelines to be followed and documents to be prepared before you board the plane bound for the “land of smiles”.


Visiting Bangkok Thailand as a Tourist
When you visit Bangkok Thailand for the purpose of leisure, sight-seeing, and personal enlightenment, you are a tourist. A tourist is not allowed to work or conduct business in Thailand. A tourist needs a tourist visa so you can stay in Thailand for a period of 15 or 30 days while doing her own explorations and excursions in the kingdom.
What is a Tourist Visa?
A tourist visa is a stamp or document needed so you can stay in Thailand for a specific period of time, on the purpose of tourism. It is stamped on your passport upon arrival at the airport in Thailand, or it can be obtained in your home country through the Thai embassy or consulate located there. The tourist visa can also be extended if necessary. There are certain countries who made agreements with the government of Thailand so their citizens can benefit from the visa exemption when entering Thailand as tourists.

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Currency Thai baht (B)

1 USD → 33 Thai Baht

Official languages –  Thai

The religion of Thai people
94.50% Buddhism
4.29% Islam
1.17% Christianity
0.03% Hinduism
0.01% Unaffiliated


ATMs widespread: 150Baht foreigner account fee.

Upmarket places accept Visa and MasterCard
Mobile Phones GSM and 4G networks available through inexpensive prepaid SIM cards. You can buy it at the convenience store


24 hour convenience stores widespread
Time Asia/Bangkok (GMT/UTC +7 hours)
Tourist Information Tourism Authority of Thailand TAT: call center 1672

www.  National tourism department

Bangkok Information Center 02-225-7614

Daily Costs
Budget: Less than 1500B
1-2 star hotel or hostel /  / basic guesthouse room 500-800B
Street-stall meals 150 – 300B
Getting around on public transport 20 – 150B

Midrange: 1500B to 3000B
Flashpacker guesthouse or 3-4 star hotel room 800-1500B
Street and restaurant meals 500-1000B
Getting around with public transport and occasional taxis 100-300B

Top End: More than 3000B – Boutique hotel room 4000B – Fine dining 1500-3000B – Private tours from 1000B – Getting around in taxis 300-800B

Luxury van rental 5000

Arriving in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport The Airport Rail Link runs from Suvarnabhumi international airport to Phaya Thai station 45Baht

Metered taxis run 24 hours and cost 300 to 2000B plus a 50B airport surcharge and optional expressway tolls.

Don Mueang International Airport There are two bus lines from Bangkok’s de facto budget airport: bus Al makes stops at BTS Mo Chit (30B, frequent from 7.30am to 11.30pm), while bus A2 makes stops at BTS Mo Chit and BTS Victory Monument (30B, every 30 minutes from 7.30am to 11.30pm). Metered taxis from Don Mueang also charge a 50B airport surcharge and trips to town start at 200B.
Recommend for Metered taxis

Getting Around


BTS The elevated Skytrain runs from 5.15am to midnight. Tickets 10B to 52B.
MRT The metro runs from 6 am to midnight. Tickets 16B to 42B.
Taxi Outside of rush hours, Bangkok taxis are a great bargain. Flag fall 35B.
Chao Phraya Express Boat Runs from 6 am to 8 pm, charging from 10B to 40B.
Klorng boat Bangkok’s canal boats run from 5.30am to 7.15pm most days. Tickets from 9B to 19B.
Bus very cheap but a slow. Tickets 5B to 30B.


Travelers are spoilt for accommodation options in Bangkok, with the added benefit that much of what’s available is excellent value. If you’re on a budget, the hostel can be had for as little as 230B, while cheap rooms start at about 500B. There’s a wide choice of mid-range hotels and an astonishing number of top-end places. Be sure to book ahead if you’re arriving during the peak tourist season (from approximately November to February) and are keen on the smaller,boutique-type hotel.

Top popular international website in Bangkok
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